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What services do you offer?

How can Sticky Number help my business?

What types of phone numbers do you offer?

Can callers tell that I'm not physically in the location they're calling?

Can I transfer my existing toll-free phone numbers to Sticky Number?

Can I transfer my Sticky Number numbers to another carrier?

Do I have to agree to a long-term commitment?

How many phone numbers can I have on my account?


How do I delete a number?

How to add another phone number?

How do I change the forwarding number?

How do I sign up for a virtual phone number?

How do I reset the password on my account?

How can I enable or disable Sticky Number voice mail?

Can I choose a specific number that I would like to have?

How do I setup voice mail on my number?

How do I change the number of rings before voice mail is activated?

What kind of call volume can I get?

What safeguards do you have in place to ensure quality service?

Can you forward calls to my SIP device?

Is Sticky Number similar to Skype or Vonage?

Is there someone I can contact for technical support?


How do I change the auto refill on my number?

How to add credit to my account?

How do I stop automatic billing on my card or PayPal account?

How to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

My number has expired how do I renew?

How do I change the PayPal or credit card I am auto billed on?

How is monthly pricing determined?

What if I use more than my monthly minutes?

What if I want a discount?

What payment methods do you accept?

Are there taxes, fees, or surcharges added to my monthly rate?

How do I review my billing activity?

Will I receive a bill in the mail?

Is there someone I can contact for questions about my bill?


How do I change my contact information?

Can I change my registered email address; if so, how?

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